Friday, November 25, 2011

500px vs. Flickr - a constructive review

Another title I could have used was, "How I received 1,500 views in just 1-hour on" -- and that is compared to only 453 views that I received on Flickr, over a period of 28 days for the same Double Arch photo (see below)! The above screen capture shows my hour of fame on 500px's "Popular" first page.

The big difference between the two is Social Networking. Flickr is more about social interaction with your photos, whereas 500px is more about showcasing your images. I reached the most popular position on 500px within 18 hours, without having enlisted a single follower or contact. By comparison, Flickr's Interestingness algorithms often reward social networking more often than quality.

Despite my beginner's luck on, I continue to find many endearing things about that I like and appreciate. For a more complete comparison of 500px and Flickr, go to this page on my Flickr photostream.

You are invited to see my "Most Interesting" images on Flickr (based on popularity stats).

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  1. A fine comparison of the two, Royce - I concur with your assessment.

    Well said and well done.