Monday, March 23, 2009

Featured Vision: Lothian's Foto's

"Lothian's Foto's" is a Flickr Photostream by Richard Brocken, the father of two children, Thomas and Eva. They live in the Netherlands. Richard plays the clarinet in an orchestra for a living, yet the photos of his children, especially his daughter Eva, are some of the most striking I've ever seen. I'll let some of the testimonials on his site echo my observations:

"Lothian's photos are simply phenomenal. He combines his excellent technical ability with an extraordinary ability to see something profound in his and his children's every day lives, and creates works of art which are moving and inspirational."

"A photogenic model is important, but it takes a great photographer to make it a great portrait. Personally I think the Lothian portrait's of his daughter are among the best i've ever seen."

"Lothian's Foto's is one of the most creative artists at Flickr that I have encountered. ...his work goes beyond photography and standard portraiture work that is prevalent throughout this community. ...His eye for beauty is keen and the way he captures his subjects is unsurpassed by few."

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