Friday, March 20, 2009

Your Photo Vision STATEMENT

Welcome to my blog! Whether you're a beginning photographer, intermediate, or a professional, the reason you take pictures is because you wish to share your photo vision -- your view of the world with others. In this blog I will talk about ways in which each of us, no matter our level of experience, can improve our methods of capturing our vision and sharing it with others.

I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years and I still enjoy learning new ways to capture the vision I have. I strive constantly to make my camera a seamless extension of my eyes. For most professionals and some intermediate photographers, this has been accomplished -- what we see on the LCD screen (and in our final digital images) is pretty close to what our eyes saw. We've finally mastered the technical part of photography.

But the most challenging step sometimes still eludes me, and that is trying to capture what my brain has envisioned -- trying to capture ideas and thoughts onto digital "film." Reaching this last level is the most fun. Some beginning and intermediate photographers want to go straight to this level without conquering the technical part. This leads to frustration and disappointment. At the same time, some intermediate and professional photographers can get so caught up in techique that their images are stilted and without soul.

As I have taught photography classes and workshops, it has often been an inspiration to me to see beginning photographers who have an amazing vision to share. Their images shout with expression and enthusiasm, even when their technical skills are somewhat lacking. Others, with more skills, produce flawless images, but they have nothing to say -- their pictures do not speak to you.

My goal in this blog is to 1) share my photo vision, 2) share the vision of others that I admire, 3) review products and teach skills that will improve your technique, and 4) share ideas that will increase the flow and enthusiasm for revealing your photo vision.

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  1. i have a nine months old baby. i love taking pictures of her. unfortunately, she blinked in most of the pictures. any suggestions?? i was thinking of getting a diffuser for my nikon d60, good idea??? any suggestion to another brand?? thanks. :-)

  2. Hello Royce. I came across your link/blog via twitter. And it quickly caught my attention that your a photographer As I read along your posts and write-ups, I realized a deep sense of purposes you have in your blog.
    I intend to read you more and look forward to your future posts, learn as well for myself, and do the same thing to others, share the 'vision'.
    By the way, I added your blog in my link list, if you don't mind.
    Thanks and have a nice day!

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  4. I'm excited to learn some tips. Amateur photographer that has a social humanitarian project that I'd like to do with pictures.

  5. HI Royce,
    I really enjoyed your visit to St George last week and I hope you did too! So much excellent information but at my age the absorption rate was a tad dimished ha ha.
    I was interested to note your May visit to Watchman for your workshop there and wondered if the Milky Way in the South over Watchman would be visible for much longer after your visit.
    I have Aussie friends coming to Vegas for that week so timing is a bit off.
    I thought of taking a few days in Zion from the 1st May.
    Do you think I would see much then.
    I did look at Stellarium on your advice but I haven't figured it out yet.
    Thanks again for an excellent seminar.
    Thomas Whipp