Thursday, March 26, 2009

Featured Vision: Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy is an 18 year-old expressionist photographer living in Manchester, England. Her Photostream has some of the most commented-on images at Flickr.

Words like, "inspiring, ...original, ...incredible, ...creative, and ...magical" are typically used to describe her work, and are well-justified.

(Viewing tip: when viewing images on Flickr, move your cursor across the image and stop just to the outside of the featured image to get rid of Flickr's "Add Notes" feature -- those annoying boxes that clutter her images.)

Rosie is becoming well-known for the conceptual imagery residing in her photographs and her use of natural light. She is regarded by many as one of the few young photographers making captivating pictures. Her photographs are based on original ideas and imagery, rather than a focus on equipment.

Other than her camera, her most used piece of equipment is her tripod. That's because the female model in most of her current photographs is Rosie, herself!

Recently, Rosie met another photographer on Flickr, Aaron Nace, and they have teamed up to form ARF Fotography.

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  1. Thanks for pointing her out - her photos do have a nice, dreamy sense to them.

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