Friday, March 27, 2009

Courting Trumpeter Swans - My Vision

Four years ago I started a project that I'll probably continue working on until my eyesight or my legs give out: photographing the habits of the Trumpeter Swan. This is a bird that mates for life. These graceful birds are a joy to observe and photograph, and one of the best spot in the world is only about 300 miles or five hours from my home in Salt Lake City: Grand Teton National Park.

Unfortunately, because the busy schedules we all have, I rarely have a chance to break away and visit the park more than a couple of times a year, even though it is relatively close to me. I hope to set my priorities straight and increase my level of commitment on this personal project.

When I do photograph the swans, I can wait and shoot all day without seeing or catching the behaviors that I'm looking for. However, in each trip I learn something more about these amazing creatures that makes me more prepared for my next visit.

The above photograph was taken on my first trip in 2005. You'll see more images of these birds, as well as images from other subjects (about once a week) as I share "My Vision" with you in this blog.

You can also view my Flickr Photostream to see more of "My Vision."


  1. What breathtaking photo -I love how the wings are backlit! :o)

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