Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photographer Makeover - Featured Vision

Jack Hollingsworth has been a well-known world travel photographer for about three decades. He was one of the first photographers to embrace RF (royalty-free) stock photography in the 90's. In the past decade, he's been a major contributor to more than a dozen stock agencies, and has build his own brands -- several with a specialty in Asian lifestyle.

A couple of years ago, Jack noticed his stock photo sales were starting to slip. Instead of just casually wondering what was happening, Jack decided to do some extensive research. Because he still had a steady income stream, he was able to take a year off from active shooting and study what was happening in the stock photo market.

Jack discovered that the emerging Web 2.0 Revolution was changing how corporations and publishers were using photography. Electronic media was quickly replacing print. Advertisers were starting moving away from traditional publications and more to Web sites that embraced social networking.

When I last met Jack, in November 2008 at a PhotoPlus conference in NYC, he was showing a digital slide presentation about these changes and hinting how he planned to re-invent himself (which he typically does about every five years).

That re-invention has started to reveal itself at his web site (after several months of hidden re-construction). He's now telling professional photographers how they can do their own Photographer Makeover and take advantage of the major marketing and social interaction shifts taking place in the Web 2.0 Revolution.

Photographer Makeover is a 4-day workshop bringing together the experience and advise of 10 top photographers and consultants. It promises to teach you a new way of seeing and working in the new hybrid, cross-platform media. If you miss the workshop, just continue to follow the makeover URL for an upcoming e-book.

The makeover is one of two boot camp / workshops that Hollingsworth will be doing this year. He also has plans for monthly webinars, and seven international photo tours for the community that follows his Web site.

You can also follow "Photojack" on Twitter.

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