Monday, March 30, 2009

Featured Vision: getting publishing via Fotoblur

Fotoblur is an online photography community and a published magazine. Its focus is on artistic, progressive photography.

Anyone can submit digital photographs to Flotoblur. Published photos are selected by the Fotoblur community and Fotoblur Magazine editors. Selections made by the community determine which images are of the highest artistic quality. The Fotoblur is currently working on Issue 2 of the magazine.

The magazine typically has a 45-day submission period for each issue, followed by a 15-day selection period. During this 60-day period, members of the community can comment and vote for the images they like best. Members can also "promote" or list favorites on their own gallery. Statistics (views, votes, comments, and current ratings) are viewable to both members and the public.

Printed Magazine. After the selection period, the editors use the stats to make their final decision for the printed version of Fotoblur: Fotoblur Magazine. In order to present a variety of images (ie landscapes, waterscapes, street, portraits) Fotoblur Magazine editors make the final selections for publication.

The Fotoblur Magazine is a printed on-demand magazine by MagCloud. You and other visitors to the Fotoblur Web site can buy copies of the magazine. It is NOT available on newstands or by subscription. So far, only one issue, The Beginning - Spring 2009, is available (including an online preview). The cost for the 56-page magazine is just a little over $16. Comments from those that have ordered the magazine say that the printing quality is very good. Lance Ramoth, who has had images published both in Smithsonian and B&W magazines said, "The print quality ...actually exceeded my expectations. Each image is crisp and the color is amazing."

Unlike a "vanity" magazine which you could produce and publish yourself (using MagCloud), Fotoblur adds credibility, because your peers do the choosing. Fotoblur also provides exposure, promotion, and distribution that you don't have to pay for -- unless you want to buy some extra copies to give to your mom ;-)

Daily doses of Featured Vision can be found on my Twitter tweet: YourPhotoVision. They are also archived on Twitter, under the hashtag: fotoINSPIRED (#fotoinspired).

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