Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Pioneer Girl - My Vision

(Click on image for a larger view.)

It's "Pioneer Day" here in Utah, so I thought I'd upload a photo I took on a previous year of celebration. The little girl is my 4-year old grand daughter wearing a bonnet her grand mother made for her. In fact, her grand mother made bonnets for all her grand daughters, had they all had a little parade in our back yard! (Parades are "the" thing here in Utah on July 24th.)

It took a lot of Photoshop dodging (and burning down the highlights) to open up those shadows under that lo-o-o-o-ng bonnet brim! Good thing I had a raw camera file to work with (you can often recover up to two stops of shadow detail without incurring any noticeable noise).

You can also view my Flickr Photostream to see more of "My Vision."

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