Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sophisticated, Surprised Old Lady - My Vision

With a little coaching, Lois Bartel, is a great character actress. You can almost hear her say with surprise and indignation, "Why, I never heard of such nonsense!" Don't you love all the props and styling she brought to this shoot -- the spectacles, sequined dress, feathered wrap and gloves? She's a jewel.

Sidebar: Some time ago, a talent agency asked me to photograph some of their clients. They mainly wanted "head shots" for their talent books. Although the money they were offering to pay me wasn't that good, I saw it as an opportunity to experiment with people who were willing to try new things, and built portfolio images for both of us. Since some of these people had backgrounds in theater, they also had access to some interesting wardrobe pieces, which can really help liven a portrait. "Trading" talent has been a tool I've used over the years to increase my experience and build my photographic reputation. This image is part of a series that has resulted from these talent trades.

(Click on image for a larger view.)

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